What to Pack For a Music Festival

The way to pressing for concerts isn’t pressing light-it’s pressing in a manner you can convey however much as could reasonably be expected to the campground from your vehicle or whatever public vehicle you take to the occasion. Clearly a vehicle is better since you can pack more stuff, improving you arranged and less dependent on the overrated shops, food slows down and bars in and around the celebration field.

The sum you’ll have to pack will shift contingent upon whether you’re at an a multi day, 3 night celebration like V celebration or the isle of White or different celebrations like Glastonbury or Reading and Leeds, which are longer so you may need to pack more food, drink and toiletries.

Despite the fact that food at celebrations is in prepared flexibly and some of it isn’t really awful these days to set aside cash we’d suggest taking however much of your own food as could be expected. Here’s certain thoughts recall summer performances can get blistering so new food will to off rapidly if it’s not kept cool.

Grills – fires are prohibited at all the performance campgrounds, in spite of the fact that this isn’t generally upheld as much at Glastonbury as others like V celebration. Convenient and expendable BBQs are smart thought in light of the fact that BBQ food is anything but difficult to cook and the dispensable ones you can, clearly, discard so you don’t need to convey them home. Stick with some basic burgers and hotdogs, take it solidified at that point keep it in a cooler box with ice packs and it should remain new for 24 hours or thereabouts. Evade chicken, fish or cooked rice as these will in general have the most noticeably awful results in the event that you forget about them excessively long or don’t cook them altogether enough before eating. Remember the ketchup! You could likewise take some solidified bacon and bread to make bacon sandwiches the primary morning on camp.

Tinned food-After the BBQ nourishments gone move onto the jars and anything you can cook rapidly over a convenient gas cooker. In the event that you have a cooker you can bubble water also meaning you can make moment noodle and soup cups just as the basic morning cup of tea (which will cost you £1.50 on the off chance that you get it from a food slow down). Remember the tin opener and pot, just as something to clean the pots and plates with.